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Su Pietro de Stefano, autore della più antica guida della Napoli Sacra

The most ancient guidebook illustrating churches, monasteries  and religious institutions of Naples (Italy)  was printed in 1560 with the title Descrittione dei luoghi sacri della città di Napoli, per (i.e. by) Pietro de Stefano napolitano.  As some modern scholars speculated that “ Pietro de Stefano” is just a pseudonym adopted by an  unknown  author who did not want to reveal himself, in this article I  report some bibliographic informations demonstrating that the author of owner of various fiefdoms in the Kingdom of Naples. After that, the article presents various hints (one of which of heraldic type) suggesting that Pietro (who lived and was born in Naples) had his ancestors in Agerola, where the de Stefano family exist since the 13th century (see the article Antiche famiglia agerolesi: i de Stefano). Continua a leggere

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